Emily Browning | Filmography

23. srpna 2012 v 19:58 | Lunette
'Sleeping Beauty' (2011) As Lucy.
'Sucker Punch' (2011) As Baby Doll.

'The Uninvited' (2009) As Anna Rydell.

'Stranded' (2005) As Penny.

'Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events' (2004) As Violet Baudelaire.

'After the Deluge' (2003) As Maddy.

'Ned Kelly' (2003) As Grace Kelly.

'Darkness Falls' (2003) As young Caitlin Greene.

'Ghost Ship' (2002) As Katie Hargrove.

'Halifax f.p: Playing God' (2001) As Kristy O'Connor.

'The Man Who Sued God' (2001) As Rebecca Myers.

'Blonde' (2001) As orphan.

'Thunderstone' (1999-2000) As Clio.

'High Flyers' (1999) As Phoebe Mason.

'The Echo of Thunder' (1998) As herself.